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Navigating change survey


A ground-breaking survey of its core audience enables Barnett Waddingham to get closer to clients and prospects.

Barnett Waddingham is a leading independent UK consultancy at the forefront of risk, pensions, investment and insurance.

Barnett Waddingham wished to create two flagship research reports to demonstrate its values and promise to ensure the highest levels of trust, integrity and quality.

The UK pension scheme market is changing. While schemes continue to mature, their priorities and needs evolve. As the number of pensioners increases, schemes’ cash flow is becoming restricted, or even negative. To secure benefits for their members, as well as their need for security, schemes must reconsider their strategy. This includes asking if they have the right strategic partner to meet their needs.

This brave and bold research project, based on interviews with 100 individuals, helps those considering changing their actuarial consultant by reviewing what work they are looking to outsource, what the perfect adviser looks like to take on this work, and where to find them.

The thought leadership programme has been favourably received internally and by clients and the press alike. It includes a report, numerous blogs, infographics and a widespread PR campaign. The activity has been staggered over a number of months.

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